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How Many Fruit and Vegetables Should We Eat Daily?

Should We Have 10 Daily Servings of Fruit & Veg?

How many fruit and vegetables should we be eating daily? Well the World Health Organisation back in 2003 recommended 5 portions a day, however more recent studies show that perhaps 10 would be better which is double the recommended amount in the UK. 











 This amount is the equivalent of 10 x 80g (800g) daily servings of fruit and vegetables as represented in the image and associated with a:

  • 24% reduced risk of heart disease
  • 33% reduced risk of stroke
  • 28% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
  • 13% reduced risk of total cancer
  • 31% reduction in premature deaths.

Furthermore, a healthy helping of fruit and vegetables can help boost your immune system and prevent and fight off viruses and infections.

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